Whether your lawn needs a full reseeding, or you just want to give it a boost, Farmers Plus has what you need!

Bulk Seed

We carry bulk and bagged grass seed for both shady and sunny lawns.  And if you need a specialty seed, such as buckwheat, rye or clover, we have that too!


Triple 17

Farmers Plus has fertilizer designed for spring, summer and fall.  Remember, you not only want your grass to grow green and thick, it needs strong roots to get through our Canadian winters too.

SpreadersCheck out our selection of push and tow broadcast spreaders!  Or if you would prefer to rent one, we have several available.

As well as carrying a variety of soils and mulches, don't forget Farmers Plus is a dealer for the Ontario Seed Catalogue.  Visit the OSC website for a complete list of all the available seeds: www.oscseeds.com