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 Before Shac Manure Digester  After Shac Manure Digester

Farmers Plus is an authorized dealer in Shac Manure SolutionsShac offers easy to use, natural products for a variety of environmental problems.  

Manure Digester is for use in pits, lagoons and straw packs, to loosen, liquify and reduce solids, as well as decreasing odours and gases. 

Ponder can be added to dugouts, reservoirs and ponds, to reduce both organic sludge from the bottom of ponds, as well as cloudy, turbid water.  Ponder will also reduce offensive odours in treated water. 

Shactivate Septic Digester reduces gases, organic sludge and odours, as well as stabalizes contaminants, in septic systems and municipal lagoons. 

Finally, Shac's Feed Additive can be fed directly to hogs, lowering harmful ammonia levels in the barn, thus improving air quality and odours. 
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